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Application of grinding wheel

Its unique characteristics of diamond abrasives(high toughness, high compressive strength and good wear resistance) makes the diamond grinding wheel shows the perfect performance when grinding the hard & brittle materials and tungsten carbide.High grinding efficiency,good surface finish and longer tools’ life specially makes it widely used in grinding tungsten carbide, alumina porcelain,optical glass,agate, semiconductor, stone and other materials.

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Application of Stone, Ceramics and Concrete

Diamond tools play an important role in the processing of stone, ceramics and concrete. Their processing methods mainly including sawing, grinding and polishing etc. At present,some hard and brittle material like the stone mainly used the various kinds of diamond tools to cutting and sawing because of the excellent performance on the application for the stone and other materials.

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To make rough surface flat and glossy by extrusion and cutting force resulting from abrasives’ continuous rolling during machining process is the characteristic of grinding and polishing applications.By diamond powder types, the grinding tools could be divided into polycrystalline diamond grinding tools and monocrystalline diamond grinding tools.Different with monocrystalline diamond grinding tools, polycrystalline diamond grinding tools can meet customers’ high standard requirement as the very good self-sharpening ability of polycrystalline diamond powder.

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